Acer Freemannii Jeffersred - B/R

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Acer Freemanii Jeffersred - Autumn Blaze

Grows to Height 13m, Width 10m

Acer x freemanii, a hyrbrid of the red maple (A. Rubrum) and the silver maple (A. saccarium) is an upright, fast growing deciduous tree that will typically grow 12-15 mtrs tall with an ascending branched and dense, broad oval crown.  The leaves are deeply cut with five pointed lobes which in turn at autumn to tones of orange-red to scarlet red.  It will tolerate medium-wet, well drained soil and full to part shade.  Prefers moist acidic soils with free draining qualities.  Will tolerate some periods of drought once established. 

Plant in full sun or part shade.

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